2 Wonderful Years!

Two Years ago today, PJ and I married at Second Wind.  I still can’t believe it’s been 2 years!  What an amazing day spent with wonderful friends and family that we adore so much.  Thank you to all of you who were there and helped us celebrate.

And if you missed our wedding video or just REALLY want to see it again, here you go.  I haven’t seen it in a few months and we plan to watch it again tonight.  We’re also going to open the wedding box!

The box contains the wine we shared just minutes after we were engaged.  It’s from a winery in Evergreen, CO just around the corner from Evergreen Lake where PJ popped the question.  Also inside the box are all of the speeches from that wonderful night as well as messages of love, encouragement and whatever else our guests decided to included in the box.  Our original plan was to wait until our 10 year anniversary to open this, but some folks mentioned that a few wines aren’t meant to “age”.  Of course we don’t want this pricey bottle of wine to go to waste so we’re jumping in tonight.

I’m looking forward to celebrating this special day with PJ tonight as we look ahead to another wedding this weekend!  Andy and Tierney tie the knot on Saturday!  More details and pictures of the big day to come so stay tuned!

And in case you missed our wedding video, or just REALLY want to see it again, here you go!




So I rushed out after work to buy Olivia her own walker toy.  And low and behold, not more than 2 seconds after PJ got it put together, she was up and moving!  Enjoy.


I know, I know.  I JUST posted that she was crawling, but she’s a quick learner that Olivia.  Here she is with Hayden motoring around this morning.



Our Gerber Baby

About a month or so ago, we entered Olivia in a Gerber baby contest to win $50,000 and a national ad campaign or runner up prizes (that are not too shabby) of a $10,000 college scholarship.  But, in order to get her to the next round we need your votes!
You can vote everyday until September 24th at the link below.  Pretty please vote for our girl!  If you don’t have Facebook, I’m not sure if the link will get you there, but I guess a better question is “Why don’t you have Facebook?”  Weird.  😉

Thanks in advance for helping our girl and her pretty face to the next round!  We’ll keep you posted!


She’s Crawling!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the big news!  Olivia started crawling about a week after we got back from the lake.  She is pulling herself up on everything and moves pretty quick around the room. 

The videos I have are when she first started so I promise to get a new one and post it up here. 

Playing catch up

Wow, I haven’t posted in a month.  A lot has been going on so let’s see if I can get you caught up!

In July we went to the lake for the annual Summer vacation!  This year was a bit different because we weren’t there with Andy, Tierney and Hayden (a first!).  Because our schedules didn’t work out, we invited the Swenson’s to join us for a few days.  We all had a blast to say the least.  Here are a few of my favorite pics!

Olivia loved the water!

snuggles with daddy

swinging at the park

Grandma and O having a bottle

Olivia trying some watermelon

Olivia and Giuliana hangin in their chairs

Downey’s and Swenson’s

Admiring her new boat!

photoshoot in the crissy!

Dad and I sailing the Olivia!

It’s hard to pick just a few to share!  We took over 500 pics while we were there and needless to say we had a great time.  Can’t wait for Christmas when we head back!

Next up, Olivia turned 7 months but I failed and didn’t get a picture until a week before she turned 8 months…OOPS!

Mid August we went out to Orange County for the annual reunion with PJ’s USD buddies and their wives/kids.  Really I’m starting to think that it’s a reunion for the wives more than the guys.  We all get along so well and have so much fun together.  Here’s a few pics…

Olivia’s first time at the beach. She ended up with a mouth full of sand…ugh.

her first wheels

Olivia had so much fun playing with Cali!

The dudes

The ladies!


Then Olivia turned 8 months!!


It’s been a great Summer but I for one am ready for FALL!  It’s been so warm here and it will be nice when it cools down (we’re getting a taste of it today).

Next up:  Andy and Tierney’s wedding at the end of the month!  We’re excited to see them get married and visit Telluride!  Hope you all are well!  I promise to try harder to update the blog more often.
















Andy and Tierney are getting married September 29th, so it was time for a bachelorette party!  We spent an awesome weekend in Steamboat.  Here are a few (not all) of the pictures from the weekend.  Some aren’t internet worthy if you know what I mean 😉


Tierney and Luci

Cindy and I

Dinner our first night

Dinner at the Boathouse before a night out!

I believe it’s a bachelorette requirement to wear a tiara and sash

Off to the Rodeo!

Let the partying begin!

My favorite pic of the night! Let’s just say we had a good time!

Can’t wait for the wedding!