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We had our 40 week doctors appointment yesterday and unfortunately I’ve barely made any progress in a week. The doc did a quick procedure, which I’ll spare you the details on, but he said it may help speed things along.

We talked induction options and much to my disappointment, we’re scheduled for 7:30am on the 4th. I use the word disappointment for several reasons.
1. I never thought I’d go past 40 weeks.
2. My Dad leaves on the 2nd. This is devastating to even think about so I’m just going to go on thinking that him not meeting his first grandchild is NOT an option. Baby D and I have had more than a handful of discussions on this very topic.
3. I’m apprehensive about inductions. I SO badly want this baby to come on its own and didn’t want to have to intervene with mother nature. There’s still time do I’m hopeful baby d is close.

So as you can imagine, yesterday was hard on us. PJ and I continue to remind ourselves that this has been an amazing pregnancy and we feel so lucky to have had such a great experience thus far. I still feel good and I have to remember that. We just want to hold our little one so badly and we hope it’s any day now.

Last night we ordered Pei Wei and this was my fortune


UnFORTUNEately it did not come true, but maybe tonight!

Thank you all for checking in often and praying like crazy for this baby to arrive. We love you and of course we’ll keep you posted! Happy Friday!!


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I have to start off with some wonderful news!  My brother got engaged on Christmas Eve to his longtime girlfriend, Tierney whom we adore!  After several attempts to propose, he finally had the gods on his side.  He made the ask at the new pier on Sloans Lake (steps from their house) and had the actual proposal sign below put up at our lake house in Michigan.  We have a wireless camera there, so some family friends put up the sign and Andy logged in to view the camera and passed his iPad over to Tierney to see.  Here’s what she saw

When she looked back at him, he was down on one knee.  Her answer was:

So the holiday was off to a great start!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year (and no baby yet for those of you trying to keep up with all these shenanigans).  We spent Christmas Eve at the Downey’s and we were spoiled rotten as per usual!  Here are some pics from the day…

After a wonderful prime rib dinner and lots of gift opening, we headed home.  The next morning we were off to Andy’s for Christmas day!  Here are a few shots:


A Second Wind Sign from the Downey's!

Who knew sweet Tierney was a big game hunter!

Ahh...Nancy Pelosi toilet paper

It's an apron that says "DAD King of the Grill"

And Hayden had her eye on everyone


It was another great Christmas and we feel so lucky to have such great family to share it with.  2012 is sure to bring much more family fun with Baby Downey and a Lake/Sparks wedding!  Can’t wait for all the fun!




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Hey All,

Well, here I am.  Dang it.  I REALLY didn’t think I was going to have to write this 40 week post.  We’re still currently “with child” and I’m not sure I have any feeling that it’s going to be anytime soon.   I hope I’m wrong.

I’m still trying everything I can think of.  Here’s what I’ve done this week:


  • yanked our dead Christmas tree out of the house (well PJ did and I cleaned up all the needles)
  • went to lunch with the Franklin’s and then walked Gaylord street
  • We had false labor this night and spent a few hours at Sky Ridge.  We left, very disappointed, but optimistic that it would be “any day”


  • Mom and Mimi came by to keep me distracted while PJ went to work.  We went to Devil’s Food for breakfast and I had a spicy Pork Chili Breakfast Burrito.  It was SO good.
  • We hit the shops on Gaylord and tried to walk as much as we could.
  • Back to the house to work on a puzzle
  • Had Christmas leftovers of my Aunt Mono’s famous spaghetti.  I was really hoping that the spicy sausage would do it.


  • Mom and I went to Cherry Creek North to walk the shops
  • Ate lunch at The Cherry Cricket (jalepeno, cream cheese little cricket burger).  Again with the spicy.  And I shared a beer with my mom.  mmmmmm
  • Visited a few baby stores
  • At home working on the puzzle.

So here we are.  I don’t need to give you updates on the size of the baby because god knows it’s fully cooked.   We have a doctors appointment at 4pm tomorrow to talk induction.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE make an appearance today/tonight Baby D!  I want this to happen when you’re ready and I hope that time is now.

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Happy Thursday everyone!  We got nailed with a big winter storm overnight and the snow continues to fall today.  We’ve already had 8 inches in the city and I’m just loving the fact that we’ll have a white Christmas this year!

I have no desire to go out in this today, unless it means a trip to the hospital to meet our baby!  So instead I think I’ll have some of this

And do A LOT of this

And before I got off the phone with my Mom this morning, she challenged me to about 100 games of Double Solitaire.  You’re going down lady!

For those of you traveling in this mess, be safe out there!  I hope you all get where you’re going in one piece.

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Oye.  Here I am at 39 weeks wishing this baby was not being compared to a watermelon, but rather what was the cutest thing ever, laying in my arms.  But, it is what it is and baby obviously isn’t quite ready to come out.

How I’m Feeling: oh so ready.  I’ve gotten myself so worked up about this baby potentially coming early, that I think it’s really been a setback mentally.  I think and wonder about ever ping and movement and wonder “is this it?”.  Enough of that makes a girl crazy.  The hormones are in full gear and I pretty much cry at least once a day.  Today I cried while watching a T-Mobile holiday commercial, and then again when I dropped a light bulb in the garage and it shattered all over the step.  Thank god my parents were here and my dad stepped in to clean it up.  You’re the best Dad!

Baby D’s Movements:  I still feel the baby pretty regularly and some of those foot jabs really hurt!  With less and less space and the baby getting bigger, I understand why.

What I’m eating:  More Christmas cookies than I care to admit.  They are super tasty.  I’m also enjoying the occasional glass of wine since at this point.  I consider this baby cooked and I have no problem enjoying a small glass.  Takes the hormones down a touch too.

Belly Update:

Week 38

Week 39

Today, to get the baby moving, my Mom and I ran some more errands and hit up Ikea for some good walking.  She had never been there before so I had to show her what all the hype was about.  We took the stairs!

I'll do whatever it takes...

So, no baby yet, but thank you to all of you who are checking in and asking how I’m doing.  We’re supposed to have a snow storm tonight so I’m hopeful that the bad weather makes baby arrive.  I love a good storm so maybe Baby D does too!

I hope I’m not back in a week writing about week 40 next week.  I’ll be one stir crazy mama!

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Today I tried…

Mom and I decided to hit the mall today for lunch and then to walk it afterwards.  We started out at Nordstrom Rack just to take a peek at the baby stuff.  So many cute outfits, but almost all were gender specific, so we left empty handed.

Contraction Count: 1 (substantial one’s)

Then we headed toward Cherry Creek and parked much further away from the mall than we could have. It was busy, but still plenty of spots to be had.  We wondered down to California Pizza Kitchen for their famous BBQ Chicken Salad and some guacamole (which contained serrano peppers.  After waiting for just a few minutes, we were put in a very small table.  Let’s just say that I took out the salt and pepper shakers with my stomach on the table next to us trying to get out to hit the bathroom…oops!

Lunch Contraction Count: 2

After a delicious lunch, we decided just to walk the mall and see what stores pulled us in.  We went all the way down to the S.A. Elite store (looking at all those workout clothes really makes me eager to get back to exercising and wearing clothes that fit!) and then walked back towards the car on the upper level.

Shopping Contraction Count: 2 or 3…I can’t remember now

By the time we got to the car I was walking SUPER slowly while I fought through another contraction.  It wasn’t too painful, but it was strong enough to really slow me down.

Parking Lot Contraction Count: 1

So at this point, I think walking has done the most for me.  All the contractions today (that I felt) were strong enough to really make me think this baby is coming soon.

I’m in the process of finishing out the bedding laundry and doing some squats intermittently.  Evey time I do the squats I have a contraction.  This is a good thing.  Keep ’em coming body.  I can take it and we’re ready!

Total Contractions Thus far today: 12

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Trying To Induce

Saturday night I had an overwhelming feeling that I was going to have this baby.  I mean I started laundry and nearly 1am because I realized I had been wearing my favorite workout pants all day long and I had to have them clean so I could have them at the hospital.  I then had to do a full clean up the house and put everything in it’s place.  It’s 1 am.  My husband thinks I’m nuts at this point.  I also made sure he had his bag packed. 

It wasn’t completely out of nowhere though.  At about 9:30pm I started having the usual braxton hicks contractions but a few of them were pretty sharp and some a little crampy.  They were consistently 20 minutes apart again, so I knew they weren’t close enough together but who knew what the wee hours of the night/morning would bring.

No baby came.

All of this has made me that much more anxious of course.  I felt like I got excited for nothing.  So, I heard that my friend Gina ate Thai Curry soup from Noodles & Company and it put her into labor with both of her pregnancy.  I was game!  My Mom and I had a few errands to run today and this soup was on the list!


It was REALLY good, though not as spicy as I anticipated.  I ate around noon and it’s now 9pm.  Nothing yet but the baby has been kicking like crazy.  I am having contractions (even as I write this part) and they have definitely been crampy, so here’s hoping we get some movement tonight.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about going to get a pedicure since many say the pressure points in your foot can start up labor.  I’m not desperate at this point as my due date isn’t until the 28th, but now that we know baby is good to come out whenever, I just don’t want to be pregnant anymore.  I want that baby in my arms!

I’ll keep you posted!

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