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A big week!

Miss Olivia is officially 7 weeks old and if someone could tell me where the time goes that would be great, thanks.

I have a few great things to report!  The first one is that Olivia slept overnight in her crib for the first time last Friday!  She did great and woke up once in the night to feed.  And then Saturday she didn’t go down until almost midnight, but slept all the way through the night!  That’s her in the background, just waking up.


I was so excited about this!  After, of course,  I got over my panic that she might have stopped breathing in the night.  What 7 week old sleeps through the night!!?  We’re elated and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!  She’s only had one other night when she slept all the way through, but otherwise, she heading to bed around 9:30 and get’s up around 2:30 to feed and then sleeps until about 7am.  I’m thrilled to say the least!

The other big news is that we’ve been working on tummy time.  Trying to keep up with all the developmental things you’re supposed to be doing with your new baby can be overwhelming.  Tummy time is one things I’ve really neglected.  I think it’s because the first time I put her down on her stomach, I thought she was going to suffocate.  And that pretty much put it to the bottom of the list.

But, we tried it again this week and it was great!  Miss O was all smiles and was really working to move her legs.  For a moment, I found myself waiting for her to start crawling and then remembered that she was just 7 weeks old.  She’s amazing, but not that amazing!

She has "party in the back" hair!

And to wrap up the post, I must share the cutest smiles yet this week.  How can you not love this face!?

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!



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Thank you isn’t enough

The outpouring of love for Olivia since she came into this world has been overwhelming.  So many have been so thoughtful in making sure our transition to our new life went smoothly.  Many brought us dinners, clothes, baby toys and hugs and we are forever grateful for all of it and can’t say thank you enough.

As Olivia reached 6 weeks old this week, the gifts and dinners have weened and we’re getting into the groove of our new life.  That was, until last night.  The FedEx driver rang the doorbell at 4pm and in his arms was a gigantic box.  I wasn’t expecting anything and I was so excited that we had a delivery (doesn’t everyone love a package!?).

The label on the outside immediately indicated that what was inside was something very special.  The package was from the family of my Dad’s former boss.  These are the same people who made our wedding present from a tree.  The most beautiful salad bowls you’ve ever seen.  Needless to say, the thought that goes into their gifts will bring tears to your eyes, so you can imagine my excitement over what was in this unexpected package.

Inside was a picture of their family and a card that read:

Then, as I dug around in the big box, I realized that there were lots of individually wrapped pink gifts for Olivia.  Wow.  I waited anxiously for PJ to get home so we could open these gift together.

And all of the gifts sat inside this adorable basket

You’ll notice that some of the gifts contain a picture.  It’s a picture of their grandchild, attached to the gift that they love the most for Olivia…my heart nearly exploded.

In addition to the grand kids favorites, there were lots of other wonderful items wrapped up.

Here’s what was included:

A Sleep Sheep
Halo Sleep Sack
Pajama’s for when she’s a bit older (9-12 mos.)
Sofie the Giraffe
Some play rings that dangle from her car seat
A super soft stroller blanket
A teething ring
A soft handheld blanket
A CD of lullaby’s
and some beautiful books!  My favorite one is this…can you guess why?

I just can’t get over what an amazingly thoughtful gift this is.  We’re blown away and feel so loved!  If you’re reading this Dave and Judy…THANK YOU!!!!  And thank you to your kids for contributing their favorites and big hugs to those adorable grandchildren!

I can’t wait to use this idea for a future baby shower!  So cute!  Thank you to all of you who have shared your love to Olivia, PJ and I throughout this amazing time in our life.  We love miss Olivia so much and it’s very apparent that you all do too!


Thanks Everybody!!!

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Bouncin’ and Barfin’

I’ve been trying to get Olivia more adjusted to her swing and bouncy seat over the past few weeks.  I want to be able to put her down when I need to and most importantly, I have to have a place for her to be while I shower.  Enter the bouncy seat.  So far, Olivia has been ok with the seat but not for much time.  Mimi said she sat there for 30 minutes while she watched her the other day which is excellent!  She loves the monkeys that hang down but occasionally she crosses her eyes and that freaks me out.  This morning we spent some more time there and she did great!  She get’s so excited and shakes her arms and legs around.

a little unsure at first

So Happy!

notice the bib on her legs. You never know when the spit up is going to fly


Speaking of spit up…we’re still working on this issue.  She’s been on her medication for almost 3 weeks now and I’m not sure if it’s doing anything yet.  Some days are good, and some are rough so it’s hard to tell.  Today, for example, we’ve already been through 3 burp rags,  4 bibs and 2 outfits.  This is not unusual, and I can’t believe I wonder how the laundry piles up.

Today we’re starting with a pile of this…


and then grab the clean stuff out of the dryer so we have a new stockpile for the day.

I've never loved clean laundry so much


I also found a new position to hold Miss O!  She get’s fussy with me when she’s not eating and not sleeping.  So today I turned her around so that she was facing outward and her head was leaning against my chest.  She calmed down immediately!

She's looking out the window...her favorite thing to do

And eventually this position led to this…


We’ll have to see if it continues to work.  I have friends who have “outward facing” babies and Olivia just might join the crew!

Now off to do some more laundry.  I just smelled the sleeve of my shirt and at some point she spit up on me and I didn’t know it.  Ewww.  Have a great weekend!


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Olivia: 1 Month

Our baby girl is officially 1 month old!  I’m going to be taking a monthly picture to track how much she changes and in the first month you can already see quite a change!  She cracks me up with her expressions and in her defense, she was making these faces because my camera was using a bright light in order not to use the flash (go figure).

One Week Old

1 Month Old


And now for the outtakes!  One of Andy’s friends saw these pics on my camera over the weekend and said Olivia looks like an old man who needs a glass of scotch in one hand.  I have to say…I agree.  I hope you find the humor in these.

my personal favorite

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