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We’re still just chugging along here at the Downey household.  Our little peanut is definitely growing!  I mean, obviously, but I’m certainly noticing it more and more just by holding her and looking at her little face.  And all that growing is hard work…

Olivia is in perfect health with the exception of a small blip we’ve been having.  She’s been spitting up a large amount of milk after every feeding and it got to the point that I knew this wasn’t “normal” baby spit up.  I’ve been working to feed her sitting up (her, not me) and then keeping her upright after she feeds.  Nothing was working and right after she finished, we’d be soaked in a puddle of milk…yum.

Yesterday it broke me and I called the doctor to find out if they had any other ideas.  We went in to see the doctor so they could do a check of her stomach and evaluate her further.  After I explained the latest to the doctor, she decided that it would be best to have them do an ultrasound on her stomach.  What they were looking for was to see if her Pyloric muscle was contracted, which won’t allow much food through.  The Pyloric muscle leads from the stomach into the small intestine.  Some children can be born and everything is just fine, but over time that muscle contracts which restricts food through.  Thus the spitting up.

After a visit to Children’s Hospital to have it checked, it came back negative (thank goodness).  I really didn’t want to think about my baby having surgery at 21 days old.  But this also means we don’t have an answer.  We’re now starting her on a liquid heartburn medication to see if this will help settle things down.  She might have acid reflux, which is also common in babies.  The great news is that yesterday we had minimal spit up and today is the same.  I’ve given her the first dose of the medication and fingers crossed, maybe we just had a rough patch of lots of spit up, and all will be well now.  We need Olivia to keep that food down so that she continues to gain weight and stay a happy and healthy baby.

In other news, last night PJ and I had our first “parent’s night out”.  I bought him Avalanche tickets for his birthday back in December, so we had a nice night out just the two of us.  Grandma Lake held down the fort at home with Miss Olivia and they did great!  We were a bit rushed getting out the door to make the start of the game due to Olivia’s doctors appts, and I was pretty pooped during the game (and the Av’s lost), so we told each other we’d do it again soon, but this time try to have time for dinner and do something focused on each other.  It was still really nice to get out of the house but felt weird not to have Olivia with us.

And to wrap it up, here are a smattering of random shots of Olivia this week.  Enjoy!

Hanging in the swing

Her fingers are now making their way into her mouth

waiting for the results at the hospital. Brrr Mom! Cover me up!


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Olivia Erin Downey

She’s here!  Our little peanut graced us with her presence on January 3rd at 6:30 pm.  She’s perfect in every way and we couldn’t be happier to have her here finally!

She weighs in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. and is 20 inches long.  She’s amazing and doing very well.  PJ and I are also doing well after a very long day.  We decided to have her sleep in the nursery between feedings last night and I think it really got us back on our feet quickly.  We felt good today and we enjoyed the visitors we had today.  INCLUDING….MY DAD!  Not sure if you all remember, but my biggest upset about Olivia being so late is that my Dad had to return to Chicago on the 2nd.  Well low and behold, my Dad wasn’t having any of that and surprised us here at the hospital tonight!  He went to his meetings, and then turned right back around and came to see his first grandchild.  Oh, my heart nearly exploded when I saw him see and hold her for the first time.  Thanks Dad for making the journey and for staying until Saturday to get some time in with your granddaughter!

I know some of you are chomping at the bit for more pics so here’s what we have.  Enjoy and get ready for many MANY more posts about Olivia and our new family.  Did I mention that our hearts are full and we are so in love?  We are 🙂

on our way to the hospital

our labor and delivery suite. AWESOME!

our first moments together

first bath!

our first family picture

Grandma Downey!

Grandma Lake!

Grandpa Downey!

Grandpa Lake!

Uncle Andy!

Aunt Tierney!

Uncle Ted!

Aunt Lindsey!



So there you have it for the first day or so with Olivia!  We’ll be back with more pics soon!  We’re heading home tomorrow around 11 ish and are very excited to welcome Olivia into our home.

Big hugs and thanks for all of you who have Facebooked, emailed, texted, or whathaveyou to keep up with us and send your love.  We send it right back to you!  You are all wonderful!  Baby Olivia can’t wait to meet you!


Court & PJ

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Hey All,

Well, here I am.  Dang it.  I REALLY didn’t think I was going to have to write this 40 week post.  We’re still currently “with child” and I’m not sure I have any feeling that it’s going to be anytime soon.   I hope I’m wrong.

I’m still trying everything I can think of.  Here’s what I’ve done this week:


  • yanked our dead Christmas tree out of the house (well PJ did and I cleaned up all the needles)
  • went to lunch with the Franklin’s and then walked Gaylord street
  • We had false labor this night and spent a few hours at Sky Ridge.  We left, very disappointed, but optimistic that it would be “any day”


  • Mom and Mimi came by to keep me distracted while PJ went to work.  We went to Devil’s Food for breakfast and I had a spicy Pork Chili Breakfast Burrito.  It was SO good.
  • We hit the shops on Gaylord and tried to walk as much as we could.
  • Back to the house to work on a puzzle
  • Had Christmas leftovers of my Aunt Mono’s famous spaghetti.  I was really hoping that the spicy sausage would do it.


  • Mom and I went to Cherry Creek North to walk the shops
  • Ate lunch at The Cherry Cricket (jalepeno, cream cheese little cricket burger).  Again with the spicy.  And I shared a beer with my mom.  mmmmmm
  • Visited a few baby stores
  • At home working on the puzzle.

So here we are.  I don’t need to give you updates on the size of the baby because god knows it’s fully cooked.   We have a doctors appointment at 4pm tomorrow to talk induction.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE make an appearance today/tonight Baby D!  I want this to happen when you’re ready and I hope that time is now.

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Today I tried…

Mom and I decided to hit the mall today for lunch and then to walk it afterwards.  We started out at Nordstrom Rack just to take a peek at the baby stuff.  So many cute outfits, but almost all were gender specific, so we left empty handed.

Contraction Count: 1 (substantial one’s)

Then we headed toward Cherry Creek and parked much further away from the mall than we could have. It was busy, but still plenty of spots to be had.  We wondered down to California Pizza Kitchen for their famous BBQ Chicken Salad and some guacamole (which contained serrano peppers.  After waiting for just a few minutes, we were put in a very small table.  Let’s just say that I took out the salt and pepper shakers with my stomach on the table next to us trying to get out to hit the bathroom…oops!

Lunch Contraction Count: 2

After a delicious lunch, we decided just to walk the mall and see what stores pulled us in.  We went all the way down to the S.A. Elite store (looking at all those workout clothes really makes me eager to get back to exercising and wearing clothes that fit!) and then walked back towards the car on the upper level.

Shopping Contraction Count: 2 or 3…I can’t remember now

By the time we got to the car I was walking SUPER slowly while I fought through another contraction.  It wasn’t too painful, but it was strong enough to really slow me down.

Parking Lot Contraction Count: 1

So at this point, I think walking has done the most for me.  All the contractions today (that I felt) were strong enough to really make me think this baby is coming soon.

I’m in the process of finishing out the bedding laundry and doing some squats intermittently.  Evey time I do the squats I have a contraction.  This is a good thing.  Keep ’em coming body.  I can take it and we’re ready!

Total Contractions Thus far today: 12

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Now that my folks are here, we had to get the Christmas cookies decorated!  We make the same one’s every year and they are delish!  Notice everyone anxiously awaiting instructions from the cookie master herself!

First up, we worked on the traditional Roll-Out cookies that we decorate with WAY too much colored icing and sprinkles

Andy & Tierney on decorating duty

Beautiful Dad!

A few of the finished products! Ready to eat!

Next we made Russian Tea Cookies which are my personal favorites

Ready for the oven

Rolled in powdered sugar and ready to eat! Mmm!

And lastly were the Rum Balls.  They HAVE to be made for my Dad every year, but I think he and PJ were discussing a new recipe for scotch balls for next year.  Eww.  Not my fav.

Rum Balls

After a very successful cookie making, we ran out for a quick bite at The Garlic Knot and then called it a night.  It definitely feels like the holidays now that cookies are done and all our presents are wrapped and ready to go!

**Baby Update**

We’re pretty ready for this baby if you haven’t gathered that from me so far, so I decided to stay on my feet most of yesterday just to see if that might spur the baby to make a move.  By the time we started watching SNL last night I was having pretty regular braxton hicks, though they felt a bit more crampy and a couple were sharp.  This went on every 20 minutes until nearly 1 am.  I finally fell asleep only to have them start back up at 4 this morning and they continued until 6:30.  As I sit here writing this, they are back and pretty consistent at 15 min. apart.  We’ll see what happens today.  My dad keeps threatening to take me 4-wheeling so we can meet this baby!  Sounds comfortable huh!  Ouch.

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Week 38: Baby Leek

One website says the baby is as big as a watermelon (which is where we were last week), and another says it’s as long as a leek.  Since I used watermelon last week, we’ll go with leek, though I’m not super excited about comparing my baby to a leek…how boring.

Baby Leek

So here we are, 2 weeks till D Day!  It’s really weird knowing that any day, this baby could decide to make an appearance.  The good news is that my parents are days away from getting into town and are at least on the road, so if they had to drive all night, they could.  It feels like they were just here and I can’t wait for their arrival again!  We had an appointment with our doctor yesterday and unfortunately because things are going to smoothly, they didn’t feel any need to check me to see if I was making any progress.  I would have liked to know, but then again, just because you know, doesn’t mean you know when baby is coming.

How I’m Feeling:  Good!  I’m working from home now which is nice so I can put my feet up and work in my jammies.  I’m having more braxton hicks contractions and some of them are a bit more painful than others, but nothing is the real thing and they certainly aren’t close enough together to head to the hospital.

Baby D’s Movements:  Still moving quite a bit, but today he/she was a bit quieter than normal.  Maybe that means it’s gearing up for the big exit.  We heard the baby’s heartbeat yesterday and the doctor said we’ll be expecting a healthy baby due to all this movement.

What I’m Eating:  Let’s see, today I had a bowl of cereal and a banana for breakfast.  For a snack I had apple slices with peanut butter.  For lunch I had a quesadilla with sour cream, and this afternoon I had a chocolate chip cookie and some cheddar rice cakes.  Top that off with about eleventy million glasses of water and that’s where I’m at.  We’re having steaks, potatoes and a salad for dinner tonight…and probably a couple more cookies 🙂

Belly Update:

Week 37

38 Weeks

Have a great rest of the week!  I’ll be back with more updates soon!

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We got our Christmas tree this weekend!  We don’t have much room to work with, so we couldn’t do anything very big.

PJ got it centered in the stand

I put the lights on

Now for the ornaments!

and lastly, the tree topper!


Once we got the tree situated and completed (while listening to LOTS of Christmas music), PJ started in on the BEST cookies I’ve ever had.  He found a recipe for Ginger, Toffee, Chocolate Chip cookies.

I didn't realize Betty Crocker had a handlebar mustache. Interesting look.

it was all I could do, not to "sample" this batter

The finished product

Hello Cookie. Meet my mouth!

So good!

So now, we’re relaxing after a big day of cleaning the house top to bottom and hanging out with our little visitor for the next couple days

Little Bear Houtsma!

His Mom and Dad are currently at the hospital getting ready to welcome their first baby girl into the world.  We love you guys and we’re thinking about you.  Bear is in good hands!

He's obviously very comfortable watching the Bear's/Bronco's game with PJ

**Baby Downey Update**  We have our 38 Week doctors appt. on Tuesday so I’ll be back with a complete update then.  In the meantime, I leave you with a shot of my contorted stomach.  That bulge on the right is Baby D’s back.  Head is down and butt is back towards my ribs on the right side.  He/She was moving all about while I wrote this post and ended up sitting there long enough for me to snap this picture.  Thankfully it didn’t last long, because it really wasn’t all that comfortable.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

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