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Olivia Erin Downey

She’s here!  Our little peanut graced us with her presence on January 3rd at 6:30 pm.  She’s perfect in every way and we couldn’t be happier to have her here finally!

She weighs in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. and is 20 inches long.  She’s amazing and doing very well.  PJ and I are also doing well after a very long day.  We decided to have her sleep in the nursery between feedings last night and I think it really got us back on our feet quickly.  We felt good today and we enjoyed the visitors we had today.  INCLUDING….MY DAD!  Not sure if you all remember, but my biggest upset about Olivia being so late is that my Dad had to return to Chicago on the 2nd.  Well low and behold, my Dad wasn’t having any of that and surprised us here at the hospital tonight!  He went to his meetings, and then turned right back around and came to see his first grandchild.  Oh, my heart nearly exploded when I saw him see and hold her for the first time.  Thanks Dad for making the journey and for staying until Saturday to get some time in with your granddaughter!

I know some of you are chomping at the bit for more pics so here’s what we have.  Enjoy and get ready for many MANY more posts about Olivia and our new family.  Did I mention that our hearts are full and we are so in love?  We are 🙂

on our way to the hospital

our labor and delivery suite. AWESOME!

our first moments together

first bath!

our first family picture

Grandma Downey!

Grandma Lake!

Grandpa Downey!

Grandpa Lake!

Uncle Andy!

Aunt Tierney!

Uncle Ted!

Aunt Lindsey!



So there you have it for the first day or so with Olivia!  We’ll be back with more pics soon!  We’re heading home tomorrow around 11 ish and are very excited to welcome Olivia into our home.

Big hugs and thanks for all of you who have Facebooked, emailed, texted, or whathaveyou to keep up with us and send your love.  We send it right back to you!  You are all wonderful!  Baby Olivia can’t wait to meet you!


Court & PJ


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Hey Everyone! Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes after our hospital visit on Monday.  I’m feeling better but still hanging on to a bit of this bug which is super annoying.  But in better news, let’s talk about the baby this week!

We’re officially full term!  Yay!  If baby was born now, he/she would be able to live outside of the womb successfully.  However, these last few weeks are still providing good growth and development, so we’re happy that little bambino has decided to stay in for a bit longer.  This week the baby is the size of a watermelon.  Ha!  I would say so!

We were told at our Friday appt. that the baby weighed right around 6 to 7 lbs. which is great and we wouldn’t mind if it put on another pound before he/she arrives.  Many babies are born with a full head of hair and if the old wives tales are true about having heartburn and a baby with hair, we should see some locks!  The baby has been full length for the last couple weeks (19 or so inches) and I’m still feeling lots of movements.

How I’m feeling:  This flu bug really kicked my butt.  I just haven’t felt myself since the incident on Monday and I’m dealing with this nagging nausea and lack of appetite.  Otherwise, I’m starting to feel more back ache’s just from sitting or driving and it’s hard to relieve it unless I completely lay down.  I also think that maybe, just maybe, baby is starting to drop.  It’s so hard for me to tell, but the indicator I had was that I used to be able to see my belly button just looking down, and now, it’s out of sight.  They say you should feel less heartburn and find it easier to breathe, but I’m not sure any of those have let up yet.

Baby D’s Movements:  Since there is less and less room, I’m not getting kicked as much, but rather pushed.  A foot will land under my rib cage and then the baby just pushes on my stomach for sometimes a couple of minutes at a time.  We have a strong baby in there!  Sometimes I’m surprised I can’t see those little toes outlined on my skin!

What I’m Eating:  Not enough this week.  Since the flu my appetite stinks so I’m snacking here and there.  Anything with peanut butter seems to go down really well and tastes neutral enough that it does the job.

Belly Update: 

Week 36

Week 37: I should really clean that mirror...gross!

Those of you that commented figured out that PJ was the “something different” in the picture from last week.  You guys are so smart.


And finally, we celebrated PJ’s Birthday yesterday!  Somehow I managed not to take a single picture but we had a good night.  We went downtown to celebrate a friends poster release at a fun arcade bar.  It’s certainly not a place I would frequent on my own accord, but they had old school Tetris and Ski Ball so I was happy.  Then we ventured to our favorite Cherry Creek Grille for dinner and had the Macho Salad.  We both love it so much we don’t even bother looking at the menu when we sit down.  Happy Birthday sweets!  Baby D and I love you!

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