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Deal of the week

PJ and I have really been conflicted about what type of baby carrier we wanted to buy.  We originally registered for the Baby Bjorn simply because we knew it was popular and well known.  After talking more with our friends though, I started thinking that maybe the Bjorn wasn’t the way to go.  We started hearing more about the Baby Ergo, so I really started paying attention to reviews and what people had to say about it.  It’s a more expensive purchase (we didn’t get it off our registry) and we wanted to make sure we made the right one.  Here’s our thoughts on both:

Baby Bjorn:

Pros:  The baby can ride front facing or outward facing.  Has an adjustable strap on the back to transfer weight off the shoulders (for mom) and can hold a newborn up to 25 lbs.

Cons: Expensive (we were looking at the $125 model) and only holds a newborn up to 25 lbs.

Baby Ergo:

Pros:  Baby can ride front facing, outward facing and rear facing.  Holds a child up to 40 lbs.  Weight is distributed towards the hips which is better for mom.  Comes with a hoodie in case the weather is bad or cold or the baby is just napping.

Cons:  We didn’t find any that were cons to us other than again, the price ($115)


So after all the hymning and hawing over the carrier, we really started to wonder if we would be baby carrying parents.  I mean seriously, some people buy these and NEVER use them.  The thought of wasting that much money makes me crazy so I really started to contemplate buying one…at least initially.  PJ had started looking into some other carrier models and came across the Infantino brand.  They had a good reviews on the sites we checked and the price was nearly 1/2 of the others ($50).  We thought this would be a good way to go so we weren’t out a bunch of money if we hated it, or if we never used it.

So the other day, I’m at TJ Maxx Home Goods looking at some baby stuff and trying to stay out of trouble, when there it was. There on the shelf was a lone Infantino baby carrier.  ONE LEFT!  I was so shocked that I just sort of stood there and started at it.  Then I picked it up to look at the price and holy jackpot, it was $15.  Fifteen dollars!  There wasn’t a second thought of course, so I threw it in my cart and headed for checkout.  PJ was very happy to see my deal of the week and and so now we just need a baby to put in it and we’ll give it a whirl.


Pros:  It was $15…do I really have to say more?  You can carry front or back and the baby can be inward our outward facing.  There’s also a cute detachable bib that will catch all that lovely drool.  Adjustable back straps just like Bjorn and holds a baby up to 35 lbs.

Cons:  If we hate it we’ll be buying something else.


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