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First Father’s Day

It was so fun to be able to shower Papa and let him know we love him to pieces on this Father’s Day!  PJ is amazing with Olivia and I couldn’t be prouder of him as a Dad.  He steps up and helps out and makes sure we’re all taken care of.  And we are.  We really are a complete package…for now anyway.

So Father’s Day was spent relaxing.  We showered him with gifts, had some breakfast and then headed off to the pool for some swimmin’!

We also got him a new grill basket for veggies and an iPhone case but forgot to get a picture of everything.  These are the two most important anyway.  And let me tell you just how hard it was to get Olivia’s hand print.  After I let the canvas dry with the black paint, I dunked her hand in the pink paint and sure enough she made a fist as soon as I let go.  Getting her to spread out her fingers and lay them down was rediculous.  I had pink paint all over me and her by the time we were done.  Not too shabby, but I think I used the wrong paint since it’s already cracking on the canvas.  Hopefully it holds up!

After the pool we headed home and got ready for Ed to join us for dinner.  I know Dad’s aren’t supposed to cook on father’s day, but PJ is the better cook, so I let him take the lead.

Amazing Crab Cakes!

Beer Can Chicken…mouthwatering good!

Daddy’s other baby made a cameo

After a great day and fully bellies…here are some of my favorite shots of PJ and Olivia together.  We love you Papa!

Day 1…or was it 2?

watching the bball game

and another game

he hasn’t missed a doctors appt. yet!

She thinks he’s hilarious!

Happy Father’s Day!  We love you Dad!


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Happy Thursday everyone!  We got nailed with a big winter storm overnight and the snow continues to fall today.  We’ve already had 8 inches in the city and I’m just loving the fact that we’ll have a white Christmas this year!

I have no desire to go out in this today, unless it means a trip to the hospital to meet our baby!  So instead I think I’ll have some of this

And do A LOT of this

And before I got off the phone with my Mom this morning, she challenged me to about 100 games of Double Solitaire.  You’re going down lady!

For those of you traveling in this mess, be safe out there!  I hope you all get where you’re going in one piece.

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Now that my folks are here, we had to get the Christmas cookies decorated!  We make the same one’s every year and they are delish!  Notice everyone anxiously awaiting instructions from the cookie master herself!

First up, we worked on the traditional Roll-Out cookies that we decorate with WAY too much colored icing and sprinkles

Andy & Tierney on decorating duty

Beautiful Dad!

A few of the finished products! Ready to eat!

Next we made Russian Tea Cookies which are my personal favorites

Ready for the oven

Rolled in powdered sugar and ready to eat! Mmm!

And lastly were the Rum Balls.  They HAVE to be made for my Dad every year, but I think he and PJ were discussing a new recipe for scotch balls for next year.  Eww.  Not my fav.

Rum Balls

After a very successful cookie making, we ran out for a quick bite at The Garlic Knot and then called it a night.  It definitely feels like the holidays now that cookies are done and all our presents are wrapped and ready to go!

**Baby Update**

We’re pretty ready for this baby if you haven’t gathered that from me so far, so I decided to stay on my feet most of yesterday just to see if that might spur the baby to make a move.  By the time we started watching SNL last night I was having pretty regular braxton hicks, though they felt a bit more crampy and a couple were sharp.  This went on every 20 minutes until nearly 1 am.  I finally fell asleep only to have them start back up at 4 this morning and they continued until 6:30.  As I sit here writing this, they are back and pretty consistent at 15 min. apart.  We’ll see what happens today.  My dad keeps threatening to take me 4-wheeling so we can meet this baby!  Sounds comfortable huh!  Ouch.

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PJ pulled our Christmas bins out of storage today!

I LOVE Christmas SO much!  You can then imagine just how excited I was to start decorating today!  PJ is not quite on board yet.  He doesn’t like to start celebrating until after his Dec. 7th birthday.  Bah humbug baby.

We had to do some rearranging of our living room to make room for a tree (which we don’t have just yet) but I think what we did will work and will still give us room to entertain.  Say hello to our tiny room.  Had to get creative.

Notice where the tree will be located.

Even Baby D has a Santa!  I really need to get a real photo in that frame.

I’m not quite done yet, but I got pretty good start today.  Next up, we need a tree and PJ get’s to put up some lights outside.  How do you like this for a hint?

Happy Sunday!  Have a good start to the week!

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Gobble Gobble

The year has once again sped by and here we are talking about Thanksgiving!  The past few years we’ve traveled to Michigan to enjoy a mini vacation and the Turkey Day festivities, but because Baby D’s arrival is very soon, I can’t fly so we’re staying put.  This means that my parents came to town instead!  They arrived Tuesday after a long drive from the lake and I’m ecstatic that they are here!  Every year I feel like our plans change just a little more at the holidays, so here’s how we spent our Thanksgiving holiday:

Thanksgiving Day Schedule:

  • Breakfast at our place with my folks
  • Bloody Mary’s at the Hockemeier’s!
  • To the Downey’s for Dinner!
  • To the couch because I’ll be exhausted after all of this!

My folks spent Thanksgiving at my brother’s place along with his girlfriend and her family in town from Durango.  PJ and I were at the Downey’s with Ted and Lindsey too!

Thanksgiving Menu:

On Wednesday, my Mom and I are spent most of the day in the kitchen whipping up a festive food frenzie!  Most of this can be made ahead of time so we’re getting a jump on things.  Here’s what we made for the big day:


  • Monkey Bread & Cheese Strada (forgot to get that pic)


Artichoke Dip


Apple and Pomegranate Cranberry Salsa

  • FAIL...I didn't even bring it. It was gross


Pecan Praline Mashed Sweet Potatoes



So those are the things we made, but here area  few other pics from the day.  Unfortunately I was messing around with our new camera settings and it died before we even ate so I’m missing a bunch of family pictures I would have loved to have gotten!

**camera dead…FAIL**

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day!  I know PJ and I both have so much to be thankful for this year!

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