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On a Roll

Miss Olivia is 9 weeks old today!  She’s doing very well and has had quite a week!  As of last Monday, she has slept through the night without interruption!  This is amazing for all of us and I’m glad it has continued for so long!

Yesterday Miss O had her 2 month check up which came with shots.  I was trying to prepare her all day that she was going to get some “ouchies” but this is all she had for me

You're crazy mom

I'll be fine!

When are we leaving? I'm busy with my doggy friend

So we loaded up and took off to the park to meet Penelope and Shelley for a walk in the beautiful weather!

After a loop of the park, we headed to the Drs office for the dreaded appointment.

Turns out, Miss Olivia had a big event in store for us.  The Dr. put her on her tummy to check her back and of course she pulled her head up to get a look around.  The Dr. was impressed by her strength and said she would roll over much sooner than they anticipated (I think she said 3 months is average).  So, so positioned O’s arms so her hands were under her shoulders, and low and behold, a few minutes later, she rolled herself over!!!  I’m so glad that PJ and I were both there to witness it and I’m totally bummed I didn’t have my camera out to capture it.  Who knew our girl was such a prodigy.  HA!

So after we cheered and celebrated with her, the dreaded shots were sent in.  She had to get 3 shots and one oral but she did great.  It was not without some serious screaming, but as soon as I picked her up, she stopped.  What a trooper.

We’re still struggling with the spit up issues, but I think it’s getting a little better.  I’ve been removing dairy from my diet, so she suggested I continue for another week and see if it continues to improve.  If not, then we’ll just wait it out and she’ll eventually outgrow it.  Her weight gain is ok, but not great.  No alarms sounding yet, but I’m hopeful that each day she can keep a bit more food down so we can get her plumped up.

Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height:  23 inches
Weight:  10 lbs. 3.9 oz.
Head Circ:  15.35 inches

Here are a few other pictures from the past week for those of you who “can’t get enough”.  Have a great week!

starting to get too long for her sleeper cushion

loves being naked!

thanks for the close up dad!

Jeffrey the Giraffe and my rings keep me company on the changing table

loving the activity mat!

Have a great rest of your week!


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A big week!

Miss Olivia is officially 7 weeks old and if someone could tell me where the time goes that would be great, thanks.

I have a few great things to report!  The first one is that Olivia slept overnight in her crib for the first time last Friday!  She did great and woke up once in the night to feed.  And then Saturday she didn’t go down until almost midnight, but slept all the way through the night!  That’s her in the background, just waking up.


I was so excited about this!  After, of course,  I got over my panic that she might have stopped breathing in the night.  What 7 week old sleeps through the night!!?  We’re elated and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!  She’s only had one other night when she slept all the way through, but otherwise, she heading to bed around 9:30 and get’s up around 2:30 to feed and then sleeps until about 7am.  I’m thrilled to say the least!

The other big news is that we’ve been working on tummy time.  Trying to keep up with all the developmental things you’re supposed to be doing with your new baby can be overwhelming.  Tummy time is one things I’ve really neglected.  I think it’s because the first time I put her down on her stomach, I thought she was going to suffocate.  And that pretty much put it to the bottom of the list.

But, we tried it again this week and it was great!  Miss O was all smiles and was really working to move her legs.  For a moment, I found myself waiting for her to start crawling and then remembered that she was just 7 weeks old.  She’s amazing, but not that amazing!

She has "party in the back" hair!

And to wrap up the post, I must share the cutest smiles yet this week.  How can you not love this face!?

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


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We’re still just chugging along here at the Downey household.  Our little peanut is definitely growing!  I mean, obviously, but I’m certainly noticing it more and more just by holding her and looking at her little face.  And all that growing is hard work…

Olivia is in perfect health with the exception of a small blip we’ve been having.  She’s been spitting up a large amount of milk after every feeding and it got to the point that I knew this wasn’t “normal” baby spit up.  I’ve been working to feed her sitting up (her, not me) and then keeping her upright after she feeds.  Nothing was working and right after she finished, we’d be soaked in a puddle of milk…yum.

Yesterday it broke me and I called the doctor to find out if they had any other ideas.  We went in to see the doctor so they could do a check of her stomach and evaluate her further.  After I explained the latest to the doctor, she decided that it would be best to have them do an ultrasound on her stomach.  What they were looking for was to see if her Pyloric muscle was contracted, which won’t allow much food through.  The Pyloric muscle leads from the stomach into the small intestine.  Some children can be born and everything is just fine, but over time that muscle contracts which restricts food through.  Thus the spitting up.

After a visit to Children’s Hospital to have it checked, it came back negative (thank goodness).  I really didn’t want to think about my baby having surgery at 21 days old.  But this also means we don’t have an answer.  We’re now starting her on a liquid heartburn medication to see if this will help settle things down.  She might have acid reflux, which is also common in babies.  The great news is that yesterday we had minimal spit up and today is the same.  I’ve given her the first dose of the medication and fingers crossed, maybe we just had a rough patch of lots of spit up, and all will be well now.  We need Olivia to keep that food down so that she continues to gain weight and stay a happy and healthy baby.

In other news, last night PJ and I had our first “parent’s night out”.  I bought him Avalanche tickets for his birthday back in December, so we had a nice night out just the two of us.  Grandma Lake held down the fort at home with Miss Olivia and they did great!  We were a bit rushed getting out the door to make the start of the game due to Olivia’s doctors appts, and I was pretty pooped during the game (and the Av’s lost), so we told each other we’d do it again soon, but this time try to have time for dinner and do something focused on each other.  It was still really nice to get out of the house but felt weird not to have Olivia with us.

And to wrap it up, here are a smattering of random shots of Olivia this week.  Enjoy!

Hanging in the swing

Her fingers are now making their way into her mouth

waiting for the results at the hospital. Brrr Mom! Cover me up!

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Olivia: 2 Weeks Old

Hey Everyone!

While Olivia is doing this

I thought I’d get an update going!  Gotta take these opportunities while I can.  Miss Olivia is 2 weeks old today!  Hardly “old” in my book though.  Everything is going great and besides some serious spitting up, she appears to be healthy and happy. Her 2 week doctors appt is tomorrow so we’ll know more about her weight gain and all of that then.  I’m looking forward to asking a million questions at the appt. and it will be reassuring knowing she’s doing well.

We’ve officially begun to venture out of the house!  Our first official car outing was to meet PJ for lunch at his office!  I was so nervous with her in the car, but she snoozed the whole way to Golden and through lunch too!

Proud Papa!

Asleep all the way through lunch at Pei Wei...few!

It felt so good to get out of the house and join the real world, even if I was so nervous that she was going to wake up and start screaming at any moment.  We also met up with John, Shelley and Penelope (the girls are 3 weeks apart!) for a walk and lunch over the weekend.  The weather was gorgeous so we had to take advantage.

I don’t have a picture at lunch, but it was pretty funny trying to figure out where to go that could accommodate 4 adults and two full sized strollers.  I popped my head into a few places and when I walked into Max’s Gill and Grille and saw wide open tables, I knew I found a winner.  This way we were out of the way and could park our strollers next to the table without causing a scene.  The girls continued to sleep all the way through lunch so that we parents could enjoy a beer!  Shelley and I laughed about getting drunk off one beer since it had been so long.  It felt great to order my own instead of stealing sips from PJ.  Ahhh, to be a grown up!

Later on that night, our Broncos were playing, so we headed over to the Murphy’s to watch the game.  The great part about this outing is that everyone there is a parent.  This means that no one would scoff if Olivia started screaming, or if I had to change a diaper, or feed her in the middle of the room (all of which happened at least 3 times).  Here are a few random shots from the evening.  I’m bummed I didn’t get more!

John with Penelope!

Beautiful Sally Kate! She's getting so big!

Erin with Olivia

Sally Kate loves babies!

Olivia and Penelope...

Olivia wasn't having it

In other news, we tried out the swing this week!  Jury is still out on whether or not Olivia likes it.  She’s a bit small for it still so hopefully she’ll use it more as she get’s bigger.

We also had another bath!  I didn’t get shots of the very first one, but look how cute she is in her ducky towel!

A clean machine!


We introduced Olivia to her first bottle!  WAHOO!  It went so well and now PJ can hop in on some feedings if Mama is away or just needs a nap before she melts down 😉

She sure loves her Daddy.  Look at the way she stares at him!

And just for fun, here are a few more random pics from the week.

Grandma Lake giving Olivia some worldly advice

We visited Nana and Grandpa's house. Look at my cute bow from Nana!

And the shot that makes me laugh the most right now…

PJ mimicking Olivia at bedtime...haha! I love these two!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Olivia: 1 week old

Hello from Baby Land!  Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and that our baby is one week old!  We’re doing great and learning every day about our new life and what this little peanut brings us.

Many of you have been asking about the birth story, so I’ll be posting about that in the coming days.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the day we left the hospital to today!

Gearing up to leave the hospital. Someone is a snoozer!

making the walk to the car

getting Olivia all snapped in!

We're home!

all snug in her seat

my Dad wasted no time grabbing is grand daughter to snuggle her (she loves him)

Beautiful flowers from everyone! Thanks!

We’ve had lot’s of visitors stopping by to meet our little peanut.  Here are just a few:

Auntie Lindsey & Ted (though Lindsey wouldn't give her up for a second)

My Aunt Mono!

John, Shelley and Penelope! They are going to be such good friends!

Ben, Chelsey and Hayden! They are also going to be great friends!

We appreciate everyone who has come by and those of you who will be by soon!  We love the support and it’s nice to see familiar faces when you’re cooped up all day long.  And since I had not been outside the house since we got home from the hospital, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and go for a walk around the neighborhood and down to Ace Hardware for some random necessities.  (Grandpa Lake: we thought you’d love that her first retail experience was to a hardware store!)

Daddy and Olivia!

All snuggly, and ready for her first ride!

PJ looks good behind the new wheels

The walk was amazing and just what the doctor ordered (literally).  The sunshine felt amazing and so did the fresh air.  The next step is to actually hit a busy place like the grocery store or a mall or something.  I’m going to wait a bit though, simply for fear of everyone’s germs…eww.

So here we are, a week after she was born.  Wow, what a week.  We’re trying to get our sleep schedule figured out, but for now, we’re getting sleep and only up every 2 1/2 hours to feed/change.  That may sound awful to some of you, but I feel much better with that then the first few nights home with hours upon hours awake.  It’s going to be a constant work in progress but we’re doing the best we can so far.  Unfortunately PJ heads back to work tomorrow which is going to be really tough for both of us, but we’ll make due.  I’ve already promised him that Olivia and I would come up and join him for lunch on Friday and then at least once every week thereafter.  It’s going to be hard, but someone has to bring home the bacon!

So, I’ll be back in a few days to fill you all in on the long day of labor.  Have a great rest of your week!

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