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Week 34: Baby Canteloupe

For those of you who don’t know, the people at the baby websites like to associate fruit and veggies with the size of your baby for the weekly updates they send out.  So each week we’ve been able to see, generally, just how big baby D should be.  We started as small as a poppy-seed and have been everything from an avocado, to a cabbage to now this week, the size of a cantaloupe!  I wanted to take a picture with the cantaloupe against my belly but I’m not sure I would find one right now and I think all pregnant women go running for their lives at the site of a cantaloupe after the mass Listeria outbreak this summer/fall.  I am one of those women.

This week Baby D should be roughly 4 3/4 lbs. and nearly 18 inches long!  At our 36 week appointment we’ll know more about the actual size.  Amazing to think of our babe all curled up in there.


How I’m feeling:  Overall, pretty great!  My energy comes and goes and I often find myself hitting a wall around 5pm.  The trips to the bathroom have increased 10 fold which proves to be really annoying when I’m at work.  Constant interruption.  I’m definitely moving much slower these days and I’m starting to notice “The Waddle”.  Let’s just say that my stride is less and less graceful by the day.  Sleep hasn’t been too bad thank goodness, but I’m counting the days until I can sleep on my stomach and back again.   I’m so sick of sleeping on my left side and sleeping on my right gives me wicked heartburn.

Exercise: Zilch. Nada. Nothing.  You heard me.   I had been walking on the treadmill at work, but even that has stopped.  I’m ok with that.

Baby D’s movement:  This child is SO ACTIVE!  Today in fact, I’ve felt nothing but a ton of kicks and movement which is so reassuring that things are ok in there.  I decided that the sound of my keyboard spurs him/her into a tizzy sometimes.  Probably because my big belly is right next to it and my keyboard at the office is super loud.  Sitting on the couch or in my car prove to be an instant “stick your foot up into Mommy’s ribs” moment.  Sometimes it’s so bad I have to put my right arm up in the air and lay down just to get some relief.  Try laying down when you’re driving…not happening.

What I’m eating:  Anything and everything.  I feel like a bottomless pit again and the sweet tooth is in full effect.  I can’t get enough sweets.  I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies the other night and they are almost gone.  I buy caramel to melt so I can dip an apple into it, but the caramel hasn’t been making it to the microwave, instead I just plop down on the couch and eat them  as fast as I can unwrap them.  OH!  And my most shameful sweet yet is the Oreos.  Before becoming pregnant I don’t think I had eaten an oreo in at least 8 years, let alone buy a whole package of them.  In the past 3 weeks I have purchased 2 packages of them and I can say that I ate most of them myself.  Now, I’m not talking eating them over the course of a few weeks.  I mean days.  I can wipe out 3 rows of Oreo’s by the end of a weekend.  It’s gross really…please don’t judge.  My trans fats levels are sky rocketing I’m sure.  My poor husband things I’m trying to sabotage him by having all these sweets in the house and of course it’s not intentional but they TASTE SO GOOD!  I’m not sure he’s going to let me do the grocery shopping anymore.  I’ll have to have a secret stash!

Belly Update:  I promised you belly pictures yesterday so I’m going to be bold and share them below.  I really wish I had been better about taking them each week, so I’ll just share with you the one’s I do have.

7 Weeks

22 weeks

26 Weeks

34 Weeks

And with that, stay tuned for the next update.  We’re going to attempt to install the car seat this weekend.  Here’s hoping it’s easier than some say!  Baby D says “see ya later” with the hiccups.


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