4th Of July

Finally time to play catch up!

We had a great 4th of July!  We started the day at Grandma’s where they put on quite a party for the 4th!  There were pony rides, jumpy castles, hot dogs, hamburgers, live music and beer!  These folks know how to party 😉

After the party we headed out to meet the Russel’s at Wash Park.

Olivia and Miss Hayden

eleventy billion people celebrating the 4th

Hope you all had a fun 4th of July!



I have so many updates to do, but for now, here is a little video of Olivia having sweet potatoes.  She’s killing us these days.

Click here:  Olivia loves sweet potatoes – July 16, 2012 from Courtney Downey on Vimeo.

Here you go…


you’re welcome.

Sweet Taters!

Another big milestone happened last night!  Olivia had her first bites of real food!  Sweet potatoes were first on the list.  They are our favorite so we thought we get her started on the right foot.  I really want to try and make as much of this food as I can, but I’m leaving room for being human and knowing that time isn’t always on our side.

It was fun and super easy to make though.  My Mom gave us the greatest baby/kids food cookbook by Tyler Florence called Start Fresh and ironically I looked at her inscription (she’s the best at signing books she gives) and she gave it to us a year ago this month.  It was meant to be.

The first suggestion was sweet potato puree and without too much effort, I grabbed one we had in our produce basket and started up some water to steam it.

All I needed was a steamer basked and a blender or food processor.

Chelsey is letting us borrow these awesome food storage containers.  You can refrigerate the extras til you need them!

They all fit nicely in this caddy.

And then into the fridge next to the other important item…WINE!  One medium sized sweet tater made enough to feed Miss O some bites and then package the rest into 4 containers for later this week.

The idea is to introduce one veggie at a time so we’ll continue to feed her sweet taters this week and then move on to another veggie next week.  I hope tomorrow is a little better.  She wasn’t super enthused over this feeding, but in her defense, she was pooped!  Here is the video of her giving the food a whirl!  Enjoy!

It was so fun to be able to shower Papa and let him know we love him to pieces on this Father’s Day!  PJ is amazing with Olivia and I couldn’t be prouder of him as a Dad.  He steps up and helps out and makes sure we’re all taken care of.  And we are.  We really are a complete package…for now anyway.

So Father’s Day was spent relaxing.  We showered him with gifts, had some breakfast and then headed off to the pool for some swimmin’!

We also got him a new grill basket for veggies and an iPhone case but forgot to get a picture of everything.  These are the two most important anyway.  And let me tell you just how hard it was to get Olivia’s hand print.  After I let the canvas dry with the black paint, I dunked her hand in the pink paint and sure enough she made a fist as soon as I let go.  Getting her to spread out her fingers and lay them down was rediculous.  I had pink paint all over me and her by the time we were done.  Not too shabby, but I think I used the wrong paint since it’s already cracking on the canvas.  Hopefully it holds up!

After the pool we headed home and got ready for Ed to join us for dinner.  I know Dad’s aren’t supposed to cook on father’s day, but PJ is the better cook, so I let him take the lead.

Amazing Crab Cakes!

Beer Can Chicken…mouthwatering good!

Daddy’s other baby made a cameo

After a great day and fully bellies…here are some of my favorite shots of PJ and Olivia together.  We love you Papa!

Day 1…or was it 2?

watching the bball game

and another game

he hasn’t missed a doctors appt. yet!

She thinks he’s hilarious!

Happy Father’s Day!  We love you Dad!

We started Olivia on rice cereal a week or so ago and she loved it!  Here’s a video of her first bites:


In other developmental news, Olivia has the rolling thing down pat.  Now we’re on to sitting.  She’d rather stand but we’re really trying to make her sit as much as possible.    Here are some pics from the past couple weeks.  Enjoy!

sitting up all on her own!

She sat this way for 3 minutes without help!

decided to get in the pool with Hayden with all of her clothes on. Nice O.

Brady, Katie and Lindsey joined us for a pool day!

And as usual, we spend almost every Friday at City Park with our friends!

Penelope and O are holding hands!


Hanging in her big girl chair

We’re just enjoying the warm summer days and can’t believe it’s already hitting 100 degrees!  I’ll be back soon to update you on PJ’s first Father’s Day.

Have a great week!

A little over a week ago we spent a beautiful weekend in Sunset, SC for the wedding of Holly and Taylor!  It was an amazing trip and I thought I’d share some of the highlights.

Peanut did great on the plane!

We flew into Atlanta and got the opportunity to see Cousin Kim and her new Fiance Patrick! (Olivia not pictured. Asleep in grandma’s arms).  Great seeing you both!

Welcome BBQ at the Marina

Taylor and Nancy…so cute!

Holly and Host Joy

Lovin’ from Daddy


Koozies we made for their wedding gift!


Their Dog Buckley!

Peanut was REALLY into the band

Beautiful Holly! Getting ready to get in her dress!

Me and the Bride

The Bridesmaids

A quick shot before they head down the isle!

What a beauty!

The fam

Peanut and Papa

T after the Turduckin that came ashore

Our little party animal!

The rest of the party pics are being held hostage on my mom’s camera.  Lady!  Get them posted!

Congrats Holly and Taylor!  You’re a beautiful couple and we wish you a very happy marriage!  Can’t wait to hear all about ITALY!!!